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What is Most Difficult About Maintaining Automation?

Have you ever been a part of a roundtable discussion that felt more like a dinner with friends? That was the atmosphere during a meeting we hosted in early March. In this session, we brought together some of the industry’s brightest automation professionals to discuss some of their challenges when it comes to intelligent automation. …

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Your Current Automation Approach Is Unsustainable

Your Current Automation Approach Is Unsustainable; Here’s How to Fix It. If you don’t see it, then maybe you aren’t there yet. Perhaps you are just starting and don’t have requests from business users to create automations across more than one system. Or maybe you see it getting out of hand and are exploring ways …

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Chatbots: Tip of the Intelligent Automation Iceberg

Chatbots and Conversational AI have gained immense popularity in the last few years to enable human-to-computer interaction. The technologies use natural language processing (NLP), providing an easy conduit for people to interact with computers via text or voice. According to Google Trends, search volume around “chatbots” remains consistently high as businesses realize the value that …

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Got Backlog Blues? A Simple Conversation Can Help

The Industrial Revolution happened so long ago that it’s just another chapter in our long history. Yet, that was a time of massive change for humans and a time that we are mirroring today—ever heard of the fourth Industrial Revolution? Well, you’re currently living in the middle of it. Think about the last two decades …

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Krista cures your Backlog blues

Years ago, I was enjoying a weekend with a very good friend of mine who has made a successful career for himself in the Supply Chain Management sector.  We tried hard to refrain from work-related talks but somehow we ended up there. With a pizza slice still in his mouth, he said “IT’s slice keeps …

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Adopt Technology That Understands People

We have all heard the age-old adage: technology is supposed to make lives easier. We hope that it will make complicated processes as simple as pressing a button on your home screen, but sometimes, especially in business, this isn’t the case. Amidst the sea of tech that permeates our lives, have you ever stopped to …

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The Circular firing squad

A confession I have been delivering enterprise IT systems for over 25 years. Often, those systems required training programs, adoption teams, and change management programs. This is the norm, so I thought it was just how things ‘had to be.’ Users tried to tell me that the countless systems they had to learn–with their different …

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Business Process Automation for everyone

In 2011, I received a WhatsApp group invitation from a classmate of yesteryear. Skeptical but not wanting to show disrespect, I reluctantly joined. Several months passed, and as they went, classmates who had settled on the far corners of the world were joining the group. Most of us were chatting with each other for the …

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