Adopt Technology That Understands People

August 1, 2020

We have all heard the age-old adage: technology is supposed to make lives easier. We hope that it will make complicated processes as simple as pressing a button on your home screen, but sometimes, especially in business, this isn’t the case. Amidst the sea of tech that permeates our lives, have you ever stopped to wonder if technology has actually complicated things more than ever before?

This is especially true in business technology. When so much of our business processes rely on digital channels, what is the toll on employees, and does the software support them or hinder them? We’re not saying to dive back into the dark ages sans tech; we’re saying that there is a better way to streamline business processes and improve the employee experience in the process.

Software Frustritis and Backlog Blues

Let’s say that you are in charge of a large call center that handles customer service requests for a Fortune 500 retail brand. Your life is busy enough managing several teams, fielding employee concerns, and just trying to make sure that the whole operation runs as smoothly as possible. The last thing you need is for the retailer to overhaul your entire CRM and implement a new one that you and your reps have never seen before.

After integration and implementation, it doesn’t take long for you to feel like you’re ready to pull your hair out. This is tech that you’re supposed to understand, but everything feels backward and none of it makes sense. The IT support requests go unanswered, and your frustration levels are at an all-time high for you and your staff, and learning this new CRM suddenly feels like a whole other full-time job. That knot in your stomach is called Software Frustritis.

Backlog Blues

Let’s shift our attention to the IT team that is suddenly inundated with support requests. There aren’t enough people on the team to give individual support to every agent, so the requests and complaints keep piling up until your IT team is just as frustrated as you and your team are.

Software Frustritis and Backlog Blues go hand in hand because it’s a cycle that, once begun, is very difficult to break. This delay in getting back to business affects not only your employee experience but also your revenue as a business.

Imagine being able to automate all of those support requests and group the most commonly asked questions into a simple conversational algorithm that provides easy and quick answers. This would alleviate both the backlog and the frustration of implementing a new technology that your team doesn’t understand yet.

Tech that Simplifies

If the thought of having an instant answer to your software woes– a solution to your team’s software frustritis and backlog blues– makes you say “if only…” then you need intelligent automation. Designed to empower all the teams that make up your organization, intelligent automation simplifies the most complicated parts of your tech workflows.

Especially with Krista. When we started Krista, we knew that the only way to help with the current software frustritis and backlog issues was to create a technology that understands people, instead of people having to understand technology. We were looking for a way to break down the barrier of human-computer interaction, even if that was with the least tech-savvy member on your team.

After experimenting and brainstorming, we determined that the key to great intelligent automation was ‘conversation.’

Understanding Through Conversation

Think of every business process that would make your life easier if you automated it. Now, think of the business processes that could be automated if it was a conversation amongst people and systems. With Krista, business process owners can quickly build new workflows without waiting in line for expensive IT or development resources. Think of it as build-an-automation, the easy way.

Because of the conversational approach, you can develop your own flows based on your own specific needs, and you don’t need technical accolades to do so. You simply “author” automations by describing a task as a conversation between your people and your systems; Krista does the rest.

Don’t wait in the backlog, contact us to learn how intelligent automation can remove technical barriers for your people.

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