Krista Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

Modern Business Models Require Multiple People and Systems

As enterprises adopt more and more cloud-based applications, they are inevitably left with a complex landscape of legacy systems and a wide variety of technologies deployed across their organization. The landscape makes it difficult to streamline digital business processes across all of the different data silos and application dependencies, leading to IT inefficiencies and decreased productivity. Therefore, enterprises deploy integration technologies, integration platforms as a service (iPaaS), and API management software solutions to help them overcome these challenges.

"Krista’s sweet spot is where multiple people and system capabilities must be orchestrated to perform a valuable business outcome, especially where changes to the process are frequent and machine learning could be applied to optimize the process."

Tom Reuner, HFS Research

Automated Processes Across Systems are Challenging to Integrate

iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform that helps enterprises connect their on-premises and cloud-based applications and data. iPaaS solutions are designed to provide an easy way for developers to integrate different systems with pre-built connectors that can be used to connect popular applications instead of manually coding each connection. However, the biggest challenge with traditional iPaaS and integration technologies is that they require a lot of coding to connect different applications and systems. It’s a major barrier for non-technical users who simply want to be able to quickly and easily connect different apps and systems without having to learn how to code.

screenshot of iPaaS NLP functionality

Krista Removes Integration Challenges

Krista’s iPaaS makes it possible for non-technical users to access and manipulate data, without having to learn how to code or use complex API documentation. Krista’s iPaaS provides a natural language interface allowing users to interact with applications, data sources, and automations as if they were a member of the team. Krista’s prebuilt API Connectors provide role-based security access and become assets that are reused within an organization, making it easy to connect new applications without having to code. Removing technical skill requirements not only saves time and money but also makes it simpler to modify and respond to your business needs. Krista is an enterprise-ready iPaaS that versions entity objects and connectors, executes hundreds of transactions and gigabytes per second, and much more.

Ask Krista Provides a Path to the Automated Organization

Krista’s iPaaS and Conversational AI reduce automation and user complexity.

Outcome Focused

Krista is purpose-built to automate business outcomes across people, systems, and AI. Krista's iPaaS enables your teams to easily construct automated business processes across required applications and data sources.

Minutes Not Months

Krista's iPaaS provides a public API connector catalog to help quickly build automations across your disparate applications. Krista's nothing-like code interface enables anyone to respond to business needs by building and modifying automated processes.

Reduces User Complexity

Krista's iPaaS provides a natural language interface allowing you to personify systems. Imagine if you could ask systems to perform requests as if they were a member of your team.

Leverages AI & ML

Krista is a nothing-like-code intelligent automation platform that orchestrates your people, apps, and AI so you can optimize business outcomes. Krista builds and integrates machine learning and apps more simply than you can imagine.

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Krista is an AI-led intelligent automation platform designed orchestrate business processes across people and systems. Krista enables business process owners to quickly build and modify workflows without expensive IT resources.

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