About Krista Software

Our mission is to make technology that understands people.

We think differently. Our work is more than an equation or the man behind the curtain.
It involves listening, understanding, artistry, and leadership.

We are the future of intelligent automation, a conversational AI platform with a belief in Utopia.

You don’t hear that much. It’s found in perfectly conceived solutions. In a culture that leaves no one behind. We have created technology that understands people. All people. From the one-person business to the largest enterprise.

The Krista Team

John Michelsen

John Michelsen

CEO, Co-Founder

I’m determined to deliver on our mission to stop making people understand technology, and make technology that understands people. That’s what Krista is all about.Conversation -is- the app

Madhav Sonthalia

Madhav Sonthalia


To deliver a true no-code platform based on something so simple that everyone in this world knows how to do… have a conversation! It doesn’t take a computer science or advanced IT degree to interface with Krista.Humanizing Technology

Scott King

Scott King

VP Marketing

I strive to simplify complexity and automate it.

Vishal Khandpur

Managing Director India Operations

Keep our key assets, the people, determined, focused and motivated to deliver on our mission that will change the way people interact with technology and vice versa.Teaching technology to ‘converse

Chris Kraus

Product Manager

Bring amazing technology together with the simple philosophy that humans naturally communicate in conversations.

Tom Burger

Tom Burger

Chief Architect

Make technology work based on the simplicity of a conversation.Automation by conversation


We are growing in every area.

We rarely hire without a warm introduction from someone we already trust. If you are convinced that you have the ethos and talent to make Krista the most significant software achievement of this decade, feel free to email us.

Find us here.

2633 McKinney Ave, Suite 130 – 364, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A – 75204 krista@kristasoft.com

Join us on May 5 for "Where is Conversational AI Going?"

Krista Software
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