Automate complete business outcomes with AI.

Krista is an AI-led Intelligent Automation platform that uniquely combines nothing-like-code process automation, conversational AI, machine learning, and an NLP-based iPaaS to orchestrate complete business outcomes across your people, apps, and AI.

Krista provides a simple path you your organization’s autonomous future.

Common Krista use cases include:

    • Conversational Automation – Krista business process automations look and feel like what your people are used to–text conversations
    • Contact Centers – Krista’s AI intelligently responds to inbound email and omnichannel messages from customers and partners
    • Security Operations – Krista removes duplicate alerts and automates incident and vulnerability management processes to reduce risk
    • Sales Operations – Krista takes over manual steps and orchestrates process to remove bottlenecks and gaps between people and systems
    • DevOps – Krista orchestrates complete processes across your automation tools to improve speed and reduce costs

What our customers say

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