Intelligent Automation for Healthcare


What is intelligent automation, and how healthcare organizations use it 

Intelligent automation (IA) combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and process automation to optimize complete business outcomes. Healthcare organizations use intelligent automation to reduce costs, improve back-office processes, and provide better patient care. 

AI-led tools "Focus more on context and adapting to people and less on task and process flows...[and] AI-led process improvement will take a people-first approach. Context will drive required actions within a single UI experience centered around the customer or employee journey.” - Forrester

Twelve Criteria Help Choose Among DPA, Embedded Process Support, RPA, And AI-Led Platforms, Forrester, October 2021

Intelligent automation provides tangible benefits 

Intelligent automation is a great way for healthcare companies to improve their efficiency and provide more services with the same resources. It allows staff members to focus on innovative projects instead of wasting time performing tasks fit for machine learning and automation software. 


How AI enhances healthcare 

Healthcare organizations can help support clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes by using AI-led intelligent automation. Healthcare organizations have long used AI for data, analytics, and advanced imaging to help assess risk and diagnose patients. Now, healthcare organizations realize AI enhances internal processes by using software to automate previously time-consuming tasks. 

Intelligent Automation Use Cases

Healthcare organizations can apply automation to several functions to improve outcomes. Some examples include:

Improve Data Interoperability

Increase utilization and efficiency for existing systems to increase agility and reduce technical debt.

Claims Processing

IA collects and structures data from claims to make informed decisions saving time and resources during processing.

Enrich Employee Engagement

Provide intelligent employee self-service interfaces for data collection and data entry with IA allowing your employees and providers to focus on patient care.

Improve Patient Experiences

AI-led chat interfaces provide personalized support and services based on patient profiles and needs during their care.

Reduce Costs

Decrease operating costs, increase productivity and explore new continuous improvement opportunities.

Implement AI

Intelligent automation standardizes processes allowing AI to do more work instead of burdening your employees.

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