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Krista is an AI-led Intelligent Automation platform empowering enterprises to automate salesforce and customer relationship management (CRM) processes. Krista’s domain-specific programming language is conversation. If you can ask questions, you can create effective automation for, Sugar CRM, Zoho, and many other CRM software packages.  

Krista’s simple conversational programming method enables non-programmers to author sophisticated automation to remove menial tasks and business constraints. Enabling customer support and sales representatives with quick access to the right information will increase customer satisfaction rates. 

How Krista’s CRM Automation Works

Krista reduces the time it takes to find or update important customer or sales information in your CRM systems. It provides a simple interface using a catalog of common conversational workflows to automate and optimize sales and support processes. Users can locate customer information, past orders, current sales opportunities, or access data as easy as sending a text message. Krista integrates with your CRM and other systems of record to become an integrated conversational platform for your business. It automatically engages with your people and systems to update information in real-time as conversations happen. 

Krista’s ease of use and real-time data updates are important to managers, too. Managers use the same conversational interface to instantly access deal status and prepare real-time updates to revenue forecasts for executive reports. With faster, smarter information, managers can more effectively manage teams, improve sales and communications with other departments, query inventory, and accurately contribute to key performance indicators. 

IT Empowers Self-Service with Krista Automation

Krista’s simple approach doesn’t require expert skills. Business users or analysts can author new automation in the same amount of time it would take to document workflow requirements for your IT department.  With this type of self-service, business units will no longer have to wait weeks or months for IT to deliver new functionality to fit changing business models. 

Enabling self-service automation saves time, money and increases productivity. The self-service automation platform still needs management and security controls. Your information technology teams will centrally manage system access, controls, data security, access rights, and compliance. 

If you can text, you can Krista.

Krista’s conversational interface is as easy as texting. Since the automation follows conventional texting or SMS conversations, ramp-up time for users is almost instant. Krista doesn’t require training since it models how your customer support and sales representatives already communicate with customers, peers, or family. Productivity significantly increases with conversational automation. Representatives and management can avoid logging into the CRM system, navigating thousands of features and fields to find information. Plus, interacting with automation simultaneously updates information in the CRM as conversations happen. Removing data lookup and data entry barriers save time, reduces costs, and significantly improves productivity and business outcomes. 

Krista integrates with the leading sales and marketing automation platforms and extends to others via Krista Extensions.

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