Easily Constructs New Apps

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Easily Constructs New Apps

As business needs change, so do requirements for supporting IT systems. Business analysts study the need and document requirements so your information technology department can deliver a solution. Many times this solution requires a different interface that your users will have to learn. 

IT software projects no longer have to construct yet another interface. They don’t need to code new integrations into disparate systems. You don’t need to wait for IT.  

Krista enables you to create new conversational robotic process automation in about the same time it takes a business analyst to document the requirements. With Krista, you will deliver new higher-quality apps remarkably faster with increased user adoption. Your business becomes more agile by creating new conversation-based apps to support new sales channels, back-office processes, or streamline mundane tasks. Your requirements will no longer wait in the backlog to build modern mobile and web apps. 

Krista Software
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