Krista Named Winner of Deep Analysis 2022 Innovation Index Award

November 14, 2022

The Deep Analysis Innovation Index award is given to businesses and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to innovative thinking and problem-solving. Krista’s innovation in conversational AI and digital process automation has earned her a spot on the index.

The Deep Analysis award is given to businesses that demonstrate innovation and creativity

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The Deep Analysis award recognizes businesses that show innovation and creativity in their work. Innovation can be demonstrated through the development of new technologies or the application of existing technologies in new and interesting ways.

Deep Analysis previously provided an overview of Krista. The vignette provides details on the company, the technology, opinions, and advice to buyers. While reviewing Krista, Deep Analysis found Krista worthy of being placed on this year’s index.

A spot on the index is an acknowledgment that the organization does something different and innovative to move the information and automation enterprise software sector forward.

Deep Analysis uses four specific criteria for the index when assessing new technologies and services:

Solves Problems

Can this product provide a solution to difficult, costly, or complex issues?

Applies Ingenuity

Is this an effective application of a novel solution to meet existing requirements, unarticulated needs, or new needs?

Adds Value

Is this product able to enhance and add value for one or more groups (employees, customers, partners, etc.)?

Shows Flexibility

Can this product change according to need or environment?

Krista is an automation innovation

Deep Analysis previously provided an overview on Krista. The vignette provides details on the company, the technology, opinions, and advice to buyers. The Deep Analysis Innovation Index states Krista is an automation innovation. The report states, ” Krista provides a novel, convenient, and innovative alternative to traditional process automation. Combining conversational AI and BPM backed by AI and ML, the platform is designed to efficiently connect employees to information they need to make decisions and complete complex operations.”

Deep Analysis CEO,  Alan Pelz-Sharpe, goes on to say,

“Krista’s innovative conversational approach to digital process automation blew us away. Krista is helping organizations solve complex problems and reduce the complexities for almost any use case. Krista’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to adapt her approach to meet the changing needs of her clients are unique. We are thrilled to recognize Krista with this award.”

Enterprises need to simplify work

John Michelsen credits the company’s customers for realizing that enterprises need a new way to work. Krista simplifies work by combining natural language processing and automation to orchestrate business processes across people, apps, and AI. John stated,

“I’m thrilled that Krista has been recognized by the Deep Analysis Innovation Index Award. This award is a testament to our team’s commitment to helping our customers solve complex problems with innovative technology. Krista is technology that understands people and is at the leading edge on what’s possible in conversational AI and digital process orchestration. I can’t wait for you to see what our customers do next.”

Click here to read the entire Innovation Index report or contact us to find out how Krista can automate your processes and procedures to make your business an easier place to work.

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