HFS Research Names Krista a Hot Vendor
for Intelligent Automation

What sets Krista’s vision apart from many other automation vendors is its broad
understanding of where automation can be applied.

HFS Research named Krista a Hot Vendor for its unique AI-led intelligent automation and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities for automating complete end-to-end business processes.

Krista’s goal is to become a zero-training, familiar interface to the many systems typically required for a specific job, driving down complexity and training needs, increasing utilization of IT systems, enabling IT agility, and increasing compliance,” states the report’s author, Tom Reuner.

In this report you will find:

  • How Krista blends NLU and machine learning to help clients use their data models and integrate them into production.
  • How Krista’s use of voice and NLU makes for a more intuitive way of solving process problems without the need for coding or integration expertise.
  • How Krista solves for frequent changes in UI elements, which can make scaling RPA deployments difficult.

Tom Reuner

Senior Vice President at HFS research

About the Author

Tom Reuner is a Research Leader at HFS. Tom is responsible for driving the HFS research agenda for IT services, including the change agents of intelligent automation and AI. A central theme of his research is the increasing link between technological evolution and evolution in the delivery of business processes. In particular, he will focus on the future of work and the testing of innovation. Tom is UK based.
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