Where is Conversational AI Going?

May 5, 2021 1:00 pm
  • Is Conversational AI and NLP living up to the hype?
  • What needs to improve?
  • How you can take advantage today, and in the future?
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    Duration: 40 minutes

    About the presentation

    With chatbots, you talk to a computer.

    With collaboration platforms, you talk to people.

    But, what if you need to talk to a computer AND a person?

    Shouldn’t you be able to do that in the same conversation or platform?

    Enter Conversational AI.

    Conversational AI promises to solve the integration of people and systems. Is it even possible to do this?

    Listen in to the experts at Krista discuss how chatbots and collaboration tools are merging to help create intelligent automation and integrating your people and systems. We’ll talk about how we get to a state where people and systems can easily get things done no matter where they are connected.


    John Michelsen

    John Michelsen

    CEO @Krista Software

    I’m determined to deliver on our mission to stop making people understand technology, and make technology that understands people. That’s what Krista is all about.Conversation -is- the app

    Chris Kraus

    Product Manager @Krista Software

    Bring amazing technology together with the simple philosophy that humans naturally communicate in conversations.

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