Update: Krista Software, Corp. is dba Krista Software, Inc.
Date: September 16th, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: John Michelsen, CEO
Email: john@kristasoft.com


Dallas TX -Krista Software Corp., a Conversational Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company, is launching Krista™, an enterprise automation platform that empowers businesses to build software applications quickly and at a much lower cost than any other platform. The Krista launch is scheduled for September 2020.


A radical departure from current app development

Current enterprise app development requires advanced knowledge of arcane programming languages to create a business outcome. Krista replaces that system with a programming interface in conversational language: Enter a name, access a database, retrieve a file. Each command is followed by an option tree of additional choices: add a date, share file with another person. Deployment of a command is a one-click process. Since Krista is in conversational language, a businessperson without programming knowledge can create an app.

Krista includes a dashboard so that multiple users can use the platform, subject to an authorization gateway. The Krista user interface integrates with Slack or other popular business messaging platforms.

Krista is able to execute quickly and efficiently due a platform backend infrastructure that already contains programming for virtually any app command sequence, and that infrastructure is keyed to common language inputs. Krista’s speed and lower cost of use are enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

“When you start with the businessperson and his or her goal and then build out a message, you create a seamless experience for those who actually use the end-product,” said John Michelsen, CEO and co-founder of Krista Software. “Krista improves business outcomes by embracing people as they are and the conversational language they use in business, versus requiring them to hire IT people to translate their needs into a specialized language.”

While current enterprise automation tools, including RPA and LCAP platforms, can produce a business outcome, the time and attendant cost of developing an app is considerable. Krista will sharply reduce that cost.


Krista is a boon to IT departments, too

The simplicity of Krista’s conversational development platform makes it accessible to the non-expert. Krista is also a welcome tool for Information Technology (IT) teams. Krista speeds development and reduces errors and development backlogs. Since its command structure echoes the desired outcomes of the company’s business decision-makers, IT will be able to develop and launch an app in a more efficient manner, and with a lot less handholding.


Funded by investments and customers

Krista currently has 50 customers, a number it expects will grow quickly in 2021. Krista Software has funded development of Krista based on a Series A round of $6.4 million on December 5, 2019*. The company expects to seek additional development investments in 2021.


An ambitious goal

“I have assembled a remarkable team, including co-founder Bhavesh Soni and Chief Product Officer Madhav Sonthalia, with expertise in enterprise app development, NLP and ML AI and cybersecurity,” said Michelsen. “We are dedicated to a simple but ambitious goal: ‘Stop making people understand tech. Make tech that understands people.’ With Krista, we are doing exactly that.”


For more information on Krista, visit the Krista Software website: https://kristasoft.com/

*Krista’s initial Series A round has been incorrectly noted in the press as $4.6 million.


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