Krista Intelligent Automation

What is Krista?

An intelligent automation platform to orchestrate people, apps, and AI

Krista is a modern intelligent automation platform designed to easily leverage existing IT assets and SaaS apps in automated business workflows. Krista’s unique informal approach enables business process owners to quickly build new automations without waiting in line for expensive IT or development resources. Creating automation in Krista is simple. It is just like describing a conversation between your people and your apps.

Easy to use

User experiences your people already use and understand

Krista is technology that understands people, and people already understand Krista. Krista automations are conversations among people and systems. Your people converse with Krista similar to texting and instant messaging, instead of logging in disparate supporting IT systems. 

They mimic texting conversations that your employees already have with each other, so they already know how it works. People embrace change that looks and feels like more of the same, eliminating expensive change management programs.  

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Your employees understand natural language conversation, so they never need a training session  

Krista automatically trains its Natural Language Understanding (NLU) system directly from your people’s words and phrases when describing your processes. The various data and requests your employees ask become the training input and strengthens context to and from your automations. Krista provides your teams with powerful NLU by listening to and learning from people conversing with automations.

Everything on everything

Deploy to web and mobile devices without coding 

Krista’s intelligent automation automatically deploys to every platform you need. Krista provides Windows and Mac desktop access, rich mobile experiences for iOS and Android, and integrates into your current collaboration platforms like Slack and Teams.

Suddenly, your mobile capabilities are on par with your desktop features, and your technical team didn’t write a line of code to make it happen.

Your people can interact from every platform and switch seamlessly from one to another, even while processes are in flight.

No Code Construction

Business process owners don't need coding skills to build automation 

Krista provides an intuitive no-code studio for business people to build intelligent automation. Removing technical skill requirements and empowering domain experts enables process owners to create and modify automations independently. Krista removes technical barriers so people can make changes in minutes instead of waiting for weeks – or longer – for enterprise IT development resources. 

screenshot of Krista Studio

Change in minutes vs. months

Accelerate delivery by eliminating test environments and data preparation

Most automation projects are just like other enterprise software projects. They require countless test environments, constant data setup, custom code for build and deployment scripts, and continuous maintenance. Krista provides a simulation environment for automation changes and modifications to remove the need for dedicated test environments. When you are ready to test an update after a change, simply ask Krista to make the newer version available to your testers. Krista automatically handles change management and automation versioning. After changes are tested and verified, updating all your users is automatic with a single click.

list of sample Krista exensions

No-code system integration model

You ask people for information all the time, ask the same way to your systems

Process owners understand what they need from people and systems. But today, most processes execute by people navigating countless complex systems and chasing after other people to produce an outcome. Krista connects to your backend systems, enabling your people to ask for, change, update, or initiate actions in systems just like asking a person. Once integrated, Krista provides conversational access across multiple systems instead of people navigating siloed or disparate apps in use today. Integrating and conversationally personifying systems using a natural language integration model increases usability. 

Use your existing collaboration and automation tools

Krista builds bridges to your existing people and systems

Collaboration and communication platforms have poor automation capabilities. Automation platforms have poor communication and collaboration capabilities. Your business needs seamless integration for both because your most valuable business outcomes require transforming and improving digital processes amongst people and systems. Krista integrates people and systems by allowing your people to work inside their current collaboration tools. In addition, Krista leverages existing systems of record, RPA scripts, EAI platforms, and service frameworks, so you don’t have to change the existing IT systems when building new automation. Krista combines human-to-human workflows with your systems to automate entire business processes. Krista includes people in data entry steps, actions, approvals, decisions and facilitates escalations when required people are unavailable. Krista automation understands, enforces, monitors, and orchestrates business rules inside of automated processes. Krista gives your organization abilities to measure, document, and improve digital processes at higher velocity and agility at lower costs.

Krista makes machine learning as simple as "Ask Krista"

The simplest way to use powerful artificial intelligence

Intelligent Automation promises to make machines perform more tasks and free people to perform work that machines cannot. Many machine learning technologies exist, yet integrating them into your fabric of systems, people, and processes is a challenging, time-consuming, tech-heavy investment. As a result, most projects never see production. Krista puts machine learning ‘on the bottom shelf.’ Creating a sophisticated model is as simple as asking Krista to answer a question. You provide Krista access to the data needed to train its models and she learns as she goes.

end to end processes

Flexible deployments

Modern architecture to meet enterprise needs

Modern enterprises require distributed workloads and flexible deployment options. Krista’s next-generation event-based architecture, leveraging micro-services, provides a highly responsive experience in a secure, reliable, and scalable architecture, all delivered in containers for easy deployment and scaling. Krista automation deploys via SaaS when customers want a turnkey platform and private cloud or on-premise when data location, regulatory, or compliance mandates require.

Enterprise security

You tell Krista who can see and do what, she takes care of the rest

Krista provides maximum flexibility when securing data. Krista can delegate to your system credentials or use application-level connections to read and update your apps. Krista manages data access by role to prevent PII data or inside information from leaking. Krista enforces data security and access by user role and geographic region based on your specific compliance and regulatory mandates. For example, the correct role-based data privileges are required when building enterprise dashboards and metrics for company KPIs or customer dashboards.

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