Transformation needs more than automating simple tasks.

Every business seeks digital transformation to succeed. You won’t get there without the elegant orchestration of your people, systems, and the power of AI. Your existing task automation is a start that Krista will build upon. 

Krista is Intelligent Automation.

Krista is a nothing-like-code platform to automate business outcomes, build ML from scratch, and leverage the world’s collective AI more simply than you might think possible. That’s what makes Krista so special. 

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Automations bring people and systems together.

Create simple connectivity amongst humans and systems to optimize any business process and outcome. Automate every process from collaboration to collections, from sales to support, in one app, with zero training.

Modern architecture to meet modern enterprise needs.

Modern enterprises require distributed workloads. Krista’s event-based architecture, leveraging micro-services, provides a highly responsive experience in a secure, reliable, and scalable architecture.

Krista operationalizes machine learning.

Utilizing and training your ML models with Krista enables your organization to operationalize machine learning using intelligent automation. Intelligent automation orchestrates numerous business routines and operations, such as sales forecasting, customer relationship management, customer support, software delivery, and IT security to optimize busienss outcomes.

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