Why Ordinary Chatbots Fall Short

Chatbots are great for simple tasks but lack capabilities enterprises desire for automated processes across more than one system or person. Read more on why chatbots fall short.

Krista’s unique architecture and integration model maps human understanding of a workflow to back-end systems. Building apps with Krista enables humans to interact with existing systems in an intuitive conversational method like chatbots. However, since Krista integrates into your systems of record and interacts with the data, it offers crucial enterprise benefits.

Enterprise Integration: Krista integrates with your back-end systems via extensions.

Understands State: Krista understands where conversations and automations left off.

Enterprise Security: Krista enforces enterprise security standards and compliance policies your security teams have in place.

Role-based Data Privileges: Krista enforces data security by user role. Not all data is privy to all users, and your bot should understand your access level.

Multiple People and Systems in One Process:  Krista integrates intelligent automation into the back end, enabling your enterprise to easily construct multi-person and system workflows. Simple Q&A chatbots are limited to point-to-point integrations.


John Michelsen

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