Your Automation Approach is Unsustainable

Your current robotic process automation strategy fails you if you deploy more technology and complexity to users without removing it. See how conversational intelligent automation can reduce your support and maintenance burden.

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Duration: 38 minutes

About the presentation

Your Current Automation Approach Is Unsustainable; Here’s How to Fix It.

Automation solutions that promised to make things easier are actually the root causes of why it is so hard. These solutions are very good at automating certain tasks but fall short when the business realizes it needs more comprehensive automation.

This presentation details root causes of high automation maintenance and support costs and how to avoid them in the future.

  1. Automation authored at the UI layer is brittle and laborious.

  2. Automations operate differently in different environments causing manual intervention and development.

  3. Users are serving the software vs. the software serving the people.

  4. Automations often don’t retire applications or simplify corporate desktops.


John Michelsen

John Michelsen

CEO @Krista Software

I’m determined to deliver on our mission to stop making people understand technology, and make technology that understands people. That’s what Krista is all about.Conversation -is- the app

Scott King

Scott King

VP Marketing @Krista Software

I strive to simplify complexity then automate it.

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