Simplicity is an obsession.

One application, one interface and everyone knows how to use it.

Lasting solutions don’t favor complexity.

For years, Krista’s team has delivered enterprise applications, AI-based technologies, and cybersecurity solutions. Krista’s Conversational Enterprise RPA Platform embodies all three.

How can Krista Help You?

Krista is an intelligent automation platform, that is capable of delivering people-integrated services in practically any domain you can imagine. Krista personifies your apps to enable your people to ask for or update information in an intuitive conversational manner.

Sales & CRM

Delivering the number takes constant collaboration with prospects and your sales support team. Often, processes that sound good on paper are hard to execute in the field. Systems are often in the way of delivering a great customer experience. Krista can raise the integrity of your sales ops data, accelerate sales decisions, and better connect sales to marketing and supply chain.


Software teams are working hard to produce apps, tests, and deployment scripts in the spirit of modern software practices. Too often, bottlenecks occur in orchestration of people, auditing, and reporting needs of non-development team members. Krista will integrate your tool chain, share appropriate information with constituents, and enable built-in auditing and reporting of steps from build to release.

Information Technology

Constant collaboration and efficient communication amongst IT teams are very crucial for streamlining various business processes, thereby driving positive outcomes. Krista’s extensive dashboard allows multiple teams to interact via a single channel. From integrating with your DevOps tools to allowing you to join/ start any conversation, Krista conversations have it all.

Supply Chain

There are a vast number of participants in complex supply chains, many of which are outside your direct organizational control. And too many systems to imagine all have to share data with people at the right time to make realtime optimization decisions. Krista can better connect and optimize every facet of the supply chain.

Identity Management

There is an overwhelming number of manual processes involved in onboarding, exiting, and maintaining user accounts and privileges. Krista can automate those tasks so that your people can work on optimization, not sustenance.

Human Resources

The never-ending support of employee information and change requests is a major burden. Krista provides employee self-service with zero training issues, tailored precisely to your policies.

Among Krista’s many uses

Process Automation / RPA

Process Automation empowers people to accomplish more and reduces labor cost with increased productivity. Eg., Your Identity Management team will close thousands of change orders every day via automation instead of countless hours of error-prone human labor. Eg., Sales team members will never need to learn another piece of software again. Krista uses conversation as our programming language to simplify the interactions with apps such as CRM, HR apps, Expense mgmt, A/R, Supply chain and many more.

Eliminate Frustrating Software Experiences

Employees face a screen-full of disparate, difficult systems to learn in order to become productive in your business. This leads to frustration, errors, lower productivity, and turnover. Eg., Sales reps learn one simple app instead of CRM, HR, Expense Management, A/R, Supply Chain and others. Krista improves morale with less need for training while decoupling IT systems from business people

Digital Transformation / Mobile First

You can achieve C-level goal attainment and provide a 100% mobile experience for employees, customers, and partners. Eg., You can expose more and more of your business processes to contractors on their own smartphones while maintaining data security and audit controls.

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