Security Operations Automation

June 2, 2021 1:00 pm
The security experts at Krista advise on how to free up time for security analysts and make them more effective by extracting security research tool administration and automating compliance and audit documentation.

On Demand:

Duration: 50 minutes

About the presentation

Security organizations are overworked and constrained. As more systems and users come online, it becomes more difficult to manage alerts and administer access to sometimes hundreds of applications for thousands of employees.

Listen to the experts at Krista and realize how intelligent automation can help reduce research time for your security analysts and ease identity and access management burdens. 


Madhav Sonthalia

Madhav Sonthalia

CPO @Krista Software

To deliver a true no-code platform based on something so simple that everyone in this world knows how to do… have a conversation! It doesn’t take a computer science or advanced IT degree to interface with Krista.Humanizing Technology

Josh Scott

Principal Solutions Architect @Krista Software

Bring amazing technology together with the simple philosophy that humans naturally communicate in conversations.

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