What is Krista?

Krista is a modern intelligent automation platform designed to easily leverage existing IT assets in business workflows. Krista’s unique informal approach enables business process owners to quickly build new workflows without waiting in line for expensive IT or development resources. Creating automation in Krista is simple. It is just like describing a conversation between your people and your systems.

The conversational approach allows anyone to develop and create workflows around their own business needs. Simple conversation-based workflows empowers your sales, customer service, field operations, finance, or IT professionals to increase internal and external customer satisfaction. Conversational automation eliminates maintenance and upkeep required from traditional UI-based record and playback automation platforms. Krista’s conversations are beautifully simple, with enough power, scale, and security to find any answer to any question inside the largest enterprises.

Krista dashboard

Conversations on every device.

If you can text, you can use Krista. Process automation is built and deployed into a structured messaging platform. Automations mimic messaging apps to eliminate employee training, frustration, and adoption issues related to new enterprise software.

Process owners create automation in a simple Studio from existing connection catalogs and extensions.

No more waiting in the IT backlog! Creating automation in Krista doesn’t require technical skills or software programming knowledge. How? Krista automations are conversations between your people and systems. You “program” them by describing an automation task as a conversation between your people and your systems. Yes, we’ve made it that easy. Import conversations from our catalog, make changes or create your own bespoke processes as if you were writing a screenplay for your people and systems to execute. 

Krista extensions make your IT systems conversational.

Krista uses a domain-specific language (“DSL”) to communicate with your employees, internal IT, and off of the shelf software (COTS) to have contextual conversations. It is human-like communication, therefore easy to create and understand. Automations are created at the same speed as writing requirements for your IT team. Automate today, and don’t wait in the backlog. 

Your systems of record remain.

Krista extensions expose key capabilities with role-based access controls, end-to-end audit trails, and all the security and management features enterprise IT requires. Conversational AI combined with RPA makes it all so simple.

Your Systems of Record Remain.
Krista Intelligent Automation
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