Krista Awarded Top Conversational Platform

Krista Software: Fostering the Era of Intelligent Automation

Krista is a first-of-its-kind automation platform that uses conversation as its programming language. Krista empowers enterprises to leverage existing IT assets by building lowcost automation applications. It combines process automation, AI/machine learning, and natural language processing to implement automated business workflows across multiple users and systems. As a result, Krista is a well-learned platform that delivers transformative business outcomes and knows the processes, rules, and technologies involved in business workflows.

“Krista puts your business on autopilot and shifts the burden of producing outcomes from your people to machines. Automation enables your people to stop moving data from system to system to more critical tasks and decisions.”

John Michelsen, CEO, Krista Software


John Michelsen

CEO, Co-Founder

About the Author

John has invested himself in pushing the leading edge of technology transformation to deliver business outcomes, and is a highly respected technologist who moves others to action.

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