Bypasses Excel as System of Record

Bypasses Excel as System of Record

Despite vast sums of time and budget spent on enterprise systems, Excel is often used as a system of record. While Excel is easy to use, and many people are skilled at extrapolating statistics, organizing, or graphing data using it, it does not platform. Excel also lacks data security, access control, input validations, and countless other necessary capabilities required for it to be suitable for enterprise data and process management.

Krista can provide an even simpler means for people to update data so Excel files can be eliminated. Or, if you continue use Excel, add Krista for security, access controls, employee notifications, and automation. 

A Krista customer tracks its business expenses in Excel. Previously, it shared the same Excel document to several employees exposing sensitive data and experienced frequent data input errors. Today, Krista validates every input and ensures only certain employees can view confidential information. Krista added a security layer, access control, and now notifies stakeholders when it’s time to take the next business process steps. 

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