Less is More: Apps Are Not the Path to Digital Transformation

 Low code application platforms (LCAP) speed up application development but these solutions have some inherent drawbacks. Read why less apps and more automation is the path to successful digital transformation.

Conventional software development is time-consuming and cannot keep pace with the mounting requirements of constant digital transformation. Low code app platforms promise to simplify and speed up the software development process to create more apps faster but more apps cause more problems. Gartner expects the low-code development technologies market to grow 23% in 2021, so it seems many are happily creating more apps for their users to deal with.

However, the truth is that businesses are groaning under the burgeoning apps in the workplace. An enterprise uses 397 apps on average, each with its separate user interface and functional features. Our current app overload is adding to workflow chaos, eroding productivity, and causing employee burnout.

  • Digital transformation is about optimizing processes not creating task-based applications
  • Gartner expects the low-code development technologies market to grow 23% in 2021
  • More apps cause more downstream problems and increase overall costs

John Michelsen

CEO, Co-Founder

About the Author

John has invested himself in pushing the leading edge of technology transformation to deliver business outcomes, and is a highly respected technologist who moves others to action.

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