13 Reasons CIOs Worry About Citizen
Developers Building Enterprise Apps

Businesses need to operate faster and more efficiently to survive. Therefore, they need more digital capabilities. However, there are too many business demands and too few skilled developers to fulfill them.

One remedy is shifting application development labor from IT to business users to create “citizen developers.”

Democratizing technology and enabling non-IT resources to build apps sounds excellent, but this can cause downstream problems for the CIO and enterprise IT. Distributing this work to less skilled people makes more work down the road, segregates enterprise data, and introduces more risk to the business because “citizen developers” are not developers.

Learn the 13 reasons a CIO doesn’t want citizens developing enterprise apps.


John Michelsen

Krista Software | CEO

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John has invested himself in pushing the leading edge of technology transformation to deliver business outcomes, and is a highly respected technologist who moves others to action.
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